Ruta 23: the little-known 600 km road that unites the Atlantic with the Andes [PATAGONIA]

Ruta Nacional 23 wraps itself around the 41st parallel south and unites the Atlantic with the Andean lake district. It is often referred to as La Linea Sur – the Southern Line.
New pavement ready to be inaugurated in the eastern entrance to Ingeniero Jacobacci. With nearly 15.000 inhabitants, it’s the largest town on the RN 23 route.
151 cars, 40 trucks, 2 buses and one motorbike. The total oncoming vehicles on the entire 605 km stretch on a busy day in mid-April.
Unpaved stretches are easy to detect.
The pavement of entire route 23 has been going on for more than two decades. There is now 90 km left to be paved on in the most western part between Ingeniero Jacobacci and the end of the road, Dina Huapi, by the Nahuak Huapoi lake.